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Rock Sales

Natural stone possesses an eternal beauty that enhances any space it graces. Behind the scenes, our quarry plays a crucial role in unearthing these magnificent creations. In this article, we will explore the world of rock sales from a quarry, delving into the process, applications, purchasing considerations, sustainability, and maintenance.

The Art of Quarrying: A Glimpse into the Process


Quarrying is an intricate process that involves extracting rock from the outer layer of the earth. It begins with careful exploration and surveying of the land to identify promising sites. Once a quarry is established, a series of techniques are employed to extract the stone efficiently and safely. Heavy machinery, such as excavators and bulldozers, are used to remove the topsoil and expose the raw materials beneath. Drilling and cutting are then utilized to break down the rock into manageable pieces.

The Varied Applications of Natural Stone

Natural stone finds itself at home in a wide array of applications. Exteriors are elevated to new heights with the addition of stone cladding, creating a striking and enduring aesthetic. Walkways, patios, and driveways gain character and charm when paved with natural stone. Moreover, the seamless integration of natural stone in both exterior and interior applications seamlessly connects the outer façade with the inner ambiance, creating a harmonious and timeless design.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Rock from a Quarry

When looking for rocks and stones go straight to the source. By purchasing from our quarry you can ensure top-notch quality. Assessing the quality of the stone is paramount, as it impacts durability and appearance. Understanding the stone’s suitability for the intended purpose is crucial, as different types of rock have varying strengths and characteristics. It is advisable to source stone from one of our reputable quarries, which are known for our commitment to excellence and ethical practices.

Types and Sizes of Quarried Rock Products

Our quarry offers a range of rock products categorized into multiple types:

  • minus rock
  • clean rock
  • one man
  • rip rap
  • construction grade
  • loggers special pit run
  • crushed CBSC
  • quarry spalls.

Minus rock consists of small particles known as fines, which give the product a slightly “dirty” appearance. These fines aid in compacting the material. We supply the following sizes of minus rock, listed from smallest to largest, which are, 5/8″ minus, 1¼” minus, 2½” minus, and 4” minus.

Clean rock, on the other hand, is free from fines, resulting in a more pristine appearance. We supply the following sizes of clean rock, listed from smallest to largest, which are, ¾” clean, 1¼” clean, 2″–4″ clean.

Additionally, we also offer the following rock options:

  • 6” – 12” One Man
  • 1’ – 2’ LL Rip Rap
  • 2’ – 3’ HL Rip Rap
  • 1-1/4″ Construction Grade
  • 3″ Loggers Special Pit Run
  • 1 1/4” Crushed CBSC
  • 4″-8″ Quarry Spalls

Understanding Gradation: The Importance of Size Variation


When we refer to the “size” of our crushed rock products, we are actually discussing gradation. Gradation denotes the range of sizes present in a rock product. Each product is composed of various rocks that can pass through specific screen sizes. This concept defines gradation.

Our gradations are designed based on the requirements of the local construction industry, which must adhere to guidelines established by regulatory bodies like the Department of Transportation.

Selecting the Right Size and Type of Rock for Your Project

The choice of rock size and type depends on the specific application.

Minus rock products serve as excellent bases for applications like concrete pavement and roads.

Clean rock products are suitable for projects requiring filtration or drainage since they allow water to pass through more effectively. They also make a visually appealing addition to gardens and can be used as an alternative to beauty bark or as a replacement for drain rocks under downspouts. Homeowners often opt for clean gravel when creating garden pathways.

Combining minus and clean rock products is also possible. For instance, if you need to construct a road in an excessively muddy area, you would first lay down a larger clean rock, such as quarry spalls, to establish a solid foundation. This would be followed by a layer of minus rock, providing a stable surface for vehicles.

When arranging layers, larger sizes should be placed at the bottom, while smaller sizes should be positioned on top.

When working with larger rocks, it is crucial to have a well-thought-out plan and the appropriate equipment for your project so you avoid damaging your driveway or ending up with rocks that are difficult to move.

The allure of natural stone continues to captivate us, and products from our quarries serve as a gateway to unlock its endless possibilities. From the intricate process of quarrying to the various applications in both interior and exterior design, natural stone showcases its versatility. By considering factors such as quality, suitability, and sustainable practices, you can make informed decisions when purchasing from quarries. With proper maintenance and care, the enduring beauty of natural stone can be enjoyed for generations to come. Visit either of our quarries today or give us a call for more information!

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