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Brumfield Construction offers an array of construction services to both commercial and residential customers. Below is an abridged list of the services we provide; however if you do not see a service listed that you are need of, please contact us. There is a good chance we can do it, and if we can’t, we will make sure you get to the right person that can!

Civil Construction

Timberland Construction & Maintenance

Restoration Projects


Rock Crushing & Pit Development

Land Clearing & Grinding

Construction Services: Areas Served

We provide service to all of Western Washington including the following counties and beyond: Grays Harbor, Mason, Pacific, Lewis, Thurston, Jefferson, Clallam, Kitsap, Okanogan, and Skamania.

Rock Sales: From Quarry to Your Space

Explore the variety of rocks we offer in our quarries. We’ve got different types like minus rock, clean rock, rip rap, and more. When choosing, think about what you need. If you’re making a base, go for minus rock. For filtration, choose clean rock. And if you need stability, mix both. Make sure you know what you’re getting when you buy rocks. Our specialists can answer any questions you have, so give us a call today!

Delphi Quarry

State Pit ID QS-J-169

Delphi Rd SW, Olympia, WA, 98510

Office: 360-268-9231

Kirkpatrick Quarry

State Pit Cl-144-K4

Kirkpatrick Rd, Hoquiam, WA, 98550

Office: 360-268-9231

Bulkhead and Shoreline Construction: Pacific Northwest Bulkhead

Bulkheads prevent erosion, flooding, and aid overwater construction. Essential for stability, property protection, and shoreline restoration, they enhance coastal areas. We offer bulkhead construction, shoreline restoration, overwater construction, piling removal, and barge services. When deciding on a bulkhead, consider property type, budget, location, and aesthetic preferences. Consult our professionals for advice on the best bulkhead for your specific needs.

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